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Mosquitoes and Flies

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  • Mosquitoes are the most important insect pests affecting the health of people and animals in all climatic conditions.
  • Mosquitoes are vectors of diseases like Yellow fever, Dengue, Encephalitis, Malaria, etc.
  • Most common mosquito species that affect our living are Anopheles, Culex and Aedes.
  • Male mosquitoes feed only nectar, plant juice and liquid carbohydrate and they die shortly after matting. However females feed blood meal and will live for about a week to month. Some species live up to 6 months.
  • Mosquito takes a blood meal as like that of a professional physician taking blood sample. It sucks blood by puncturing its mouthparts to the skin, injects a small amount of saliva into the wound and feed blood. The saliva makes penetration easier and prevents the blood from clotting during feeding.
  • Effective mosquito control programme includes sanitation (removing food, water, and shelter), habitat disruption, biological control, mechanical control, self protection and chemical control.
  • Pest Doctor offers IPM package for controlling mosquitoes and flies .



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  • Musca nebulo and Musca domestica are the most common house flies living as guests in our shelters.
  • House flies are cosmopolitan in distribution and are most dangerous vectors of contagious diseases like typhoid, tuberculosis, cholera and dysentery.
  • The life cycle of house flies last up to ten days in different stages viz., egg, larvae, pupa and finally adult.
  • Effective fly control programme should include identification of breeding site, sanitation and proper waste disposal apart from population reduction.
  • Flies can effectively be controlled by IPM (Integrated pest management) services offered by Pest Doctor on daily basis.


IPM for mosquitoes and flies

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  • This is a comprehensive treatment comprising of sanitation, habitat disruption, chemical control and mechanical control.
  • IPM treatment consists disinfestations spray on premises and breeding stations, fogging treatment, mechanical repellent treatments and entry restriction measurers.
  • Treatment applied in all rooms and also in the breeding sources like drainage openings, channels, water stagnations, etc which are very nearby to the premises.
  • Disinfestations spray and chemicals used are odorless and harmless to human being, safer and most efficient.
  • Gum traps will also be placed based on requirement.
  • The fogging treatments will be applied based on requirement as and when needed and it can be applied during working days without disturbance.

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