Rodent Control

  • Rodents are the most intelligent creatures among the non insect pests, which compete with human for food, shelter and ownership of all valuable properties.
  • Rats live and succeed in all climatic conditions and are often found in and around buildings and make their burrow in garden.
  • They can swim and live in water for three days continuously.
  • They are vectors of all pathogenic microbes like virus, bacteria, fungi, etc.
  • They transmit epidemic diseases like Plague, Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, Diarrhea, etc.
  • Apart from these diseases fecal matter of rodents easily gets mixed with food grains which cause contamination and food poisoning and
  • As their incisors continue to grow they have the tendency to grind something nonstop to sharpen their teeth and cause damage to food, plastics, wire, cloths and other important materials worth billions of dollars every year.
  • They are the biggest menace in all our places and particularly the field of catering, hospitals, hotels, clubs, software industries and warehouses.
  • A single pair can reproduce 1500 descendants in its life cycle of 18 months period.
  • Effective rodent control is possible by adopting Pest Doctor Rodo-Kill Treatment.

Rodo-Kill Treatment

  • Rodo-Kill Treatment is an integrated rodent control service against all kinds of rodents.
  • It ensures safety and efficacy and is scheduled on daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis depending upon the place.
  • Rodent control requires skillful study on the species of rodents existing and inspection around the premises to identify burrows.
  • Integrated rodent control measure adopted by SIPC comprises of baiting, trapping and proofing techniques. Based on the inspection report these techniques are implemented.
  • Pest Doctor experts will suggest sanitation proofing measures in civil components from time to time to prevent rodent entry into the premises.

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