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Our pest control technologies excel others because of precise pest prey techniques and state of art technologies adopted with cognizant of ecology where we live.


Residual Spray Treatment

Our Residual Spray Treatment is designed to be non-intrusive and leaves no unpleasant odors behind, ensuring a comfortable environment for you and your family.



Our Anti-Termites Term-X Treatment services offer comprehensive solutions for both pre-construction and post-construction stages to protect your property from termite infestations.


Pest Doctor prioritize safeguarding people from the harmful effects of pests.

We are proud to offer affordable International Pest Control Services in Malaysia. Our partnership with a leading international pest control service company brings advanced technology and expertise to our operations. Our team includes professional Entomologists who provide specialized diagnosis and solutions for holistic pest control management.

Trust Pest Doctor for expert pest control services backed by knowledgeable professionals.

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Retail Shops

Termites also known as white ants live as a social colony consisting queen, king, solders and workers.


Among 3000 species of cockroaches identified, four major species are considered as house hold pest.

Household Crawling Insects

Most common household crawling pests that pose threat to our life style include cockroaches, ants…

Rodent Control

Rats live and succeed in all climatic conditions and are often found in and around buildings and make their burrow in garden.

Mosquitoes and Flies

Mosquitoes are the most important insect pests affecting the health of people and animals in all climatic conditions.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are active blood suckers. Their bites can cause irritation and sometimes it might develop into allergic reactions.

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