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Your Reliable Pest Control Operator

Pest Doctor aims to protect people from falling prey to hazardous effects of pests.

Put Pest To Rest

Pest Doctor aims to protect people from falling prey to hazardous eects of pests. We take pride in stating that we have commenced our International Pest control Services with aordable rates in Malaysia. Our joint-venture and technology partner is a leading international pest control service company. Just like hospitals need skillful DOCTORS to treat patients likewise pest control needs professional Entomologists for holistic management of pest control. Pest Doctor is supported by Entomologists giving specialised diagnosis and solutions.


Leading Trusted pest control service provider of International Standard and Aordability


  • We are committed to living in pest free environment.
  • We are committed in providing safe, odourless and harmless treatment with long lasting eect.
  • We are committed in developing and retaining of skilled, dedicated and knowledge workforce.
  • We are committed to timely upskilling of our service with latest technologies.


  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Quality Services
  • Integrity
  • Accountability

Why Pest Doctor

Our pest control approaches are the best as they include:

  • State of the art technology inputs. Integrated vector management (IVM) practices.
  • Evidence-based decision-making system to diagnose pest problems precisely.
  • Life-cycle management of insects.
  • Engaging professional pest control operators and technically sound managers to run the business.
  • Use of recognized and registered public health pesticide.
  • Good management practices.
  • Quick and timely service as requested by the customers.
  • Flexible service accomodating to the customer requirement. Non-hazardous, odorless, eco-friendly techniques. 24 x 7 customer care.
  • Best management and sustainable practices.
  • Maximum ecacy of precision techniques in pest control at aordable cost.
  • Our entire operation are managed through web-based ERP system.