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Pest Doctor Gel Treatment, Residual Spraying and Trapping

  • These commons pests are hardly aggressive and rarely spread harmful diseases. In fact, household lizards help control population of flying insects such as flies, roaches, moths and even mosquitoes. When the population of lizards increase, so will their droppings and this is where the problem begins. Besides smearing walls with unsightly stains, the droppings can contaminate exposed food, making them unsafe for consumption. You’ll usually find lizards and geckos near their food sources beneath kitchen sinks and near electrical lights that attract insects.
  • Method of treatment such as Gel Treatment, Residual Spraying and Trapping are common methods exercised.

Pricing is provided after a FREE Inspection is done, discussion & negotiation is made. Only then will we provide a quotation.

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Our price ranges from RM120 upwards depending on the problem and service rendered.

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