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Term-X Treatment for Pre Construction & Post Construction

  • PEST DOCTOR treatment as per IS 6313/IS-6313-3 (2001) standards.
  • PEST DOCTOR- Term-X for Pre-Construction with 15 years guarantee period.
  • Expert team is assured of exterminating root cause of termite.
  • Competitive rates for commercials and residential sites.
  • It is a preconstruction termite control service for buildings /structures under construction with 10- 15 years protection against termites.
  • Very eective as it creates a uniform chemical barrier around the building.
  • We use new generation systemic termiticides which are accepted worldwide and is non- hazardous.
  • Applied in three stages as per IS- 6313 standards Viz.,
    Stage2- Flooring
    Stage3- Perimeter surrounding the building

Pricing is provided after a FREE Inspection is done, discussion & negotiation is made. Only then will we provide a quotation.

For your information:
Our price ranges from RM120 upwards depending on the problem and service rendered.

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