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Bed Bugs

Pest Doctor – Residual Odorless Spray & Steam Jet Treatment

  • This is an eective management service against bed bugs ensuring safety and ecacy on need basis.
  • Temprid-SC Odorless Spray treatment will be given to articles like, bed frames, wall hangings, picture frames, night lamp stands, stued furniture, base boards, behind loose wall papers, light switches, door and window frames, conduits etc.
  • PEST DOCTOR Bed Bugs treatment ensures killing of all the bugs hiding on beds, Mattresses (Mattress buttons) as well as the folds at the edges, cracks and crevices in walls.
  • One course of bed bug treatment comprises two schedules within twenty days of interval to ensure killing all stages of bed bugs in the premises hence 100% control is ensured.
  • As bed bugs enter our premises through people coming from bed bug prone places like theaters, trains, buses, etc., cooperation of the client is needed to check further entry.

Pricing is provided after a FREE Inspection is done, discussion & negotiation is made. Only then will we provide a quotation.

For your information:
Our price ranges from RM120 upwards depending on the problem and service rendered.

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