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Pest control in the food industry: things you should know

We’ve seen it all before: viral videos of rats nibbling on pastries in a bakery or darting across popular hawker centres. People have also witnessed dead flies and roaches littered along filthy production lines in food manufacturing factories. These horrors often lead to needless suffering and illnesses by innocent customers. It has to stop!

If you’re in the food industry, you can prevent damage to your reputation and income, and more importantly, ensure the safety of your customers by remembering these cardinal rules:

#1 Be serious about pest management in the food industry

Pests are unacceptable in the food business because they will contaminate food and spread diseases. In extreme cases, food poisoning can be fatal. If you have a pest problem, do something about it right away.

Also ensure that your business has the necessary certifications such as ISO 22000, HACCP, GHP and GMP – all of which will strongly demonstrate your commitment to hygiene, quality and safety.

#2 Being negligent can cost you a bomb!

We have laws against dirty and unhygienic food premises. Fines of up to RM10,000, operational shutdowns and jail time await errant food outlet operators or owners of food production facilities. And you can be sure that bad PR will follow, and in some cases, legal proceedings from the affected parties too.

#3 The food industry requires a different process of pest control

Pest control experts will confirm this: there isn’t a standard approach when dealing with pest control for food companies as every situation, environment and type of pest affects the choice of remedial treatment. In general, pest control in a food-related environment calls for stricter measures than those for other industries.

#4 You can always get professional help

A pest control service near you like Pestro – which has skills and technology cultivated in Japan for over 60 years and dedicated research facilities – is more than equipped to help.

Its Integrated Pest Management methodology is especially useful here with a focus on keeping pests out of your business premises in the first place. A site inspection is the critical first step which will reveal what needs to be done before proposing pest control treatments and improvements.

#5 You can also keep things under control

Be rigorous about maintaining strict hygiene levels as this can help create a safe, orderly and efficient workplace. Follow a systematic garbage disposal routine and keep work areas free from unnecessary clutter that can become hiding spots for pests. Also, go the extra mile to seal potential pest entry points such as holes, cracks and large crevices within your premises.

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